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Double Faces of the Human Gut Microbiota

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DOI: 10.23977/fbb2020.017


Siyi Zheng

Corresponding Author

Siyi Zheng


The human intestine is colonized with symbiotic microbes, the gut microbiota has gained extensive attention. Recent researches have showed that the complex microflora has cohesive relationship with human health and the metabolism can be both beneficial and detrimental. The intestinal microbes can be concerned with its host through affecting the immune system, nutrition, metabolism, as well as inflammation or diseases. In this review, we discuss some current knowledge of the influence and function of the gut microbiota which might have therapeutic implications. In the aspects of absorbing nourishment from indigestible carbohydrates or regulating immunity system to defend pathogen, the gut microbiota is of great importance. In turn, any dysbacteriosis can bring about untoward effect or even diseases like obesity or gut inflammation. As the process and interaction between the host and the gut microbes are dynamic and complicated, it requires further researches to clarify the mechanism.


The gut microbiota, Immune adjustment, Nutrition metabolism, Obesity

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