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Research Progress of Fusion Enzyme and the Effect of Peptide on Fusion Protein

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DOI: 10.23977/fbb2020.021


Chunling Ma, Fang Chen and Li Wang

Corresponding Author

Chunling Ma


Fusion enzyme refers to a comprehensive enzyme binding body composed of two or more independent enzymes or domains. It is mainly obtained through the connection of two or more enzymes, which largely retains the function of several domains and is an efficient protein binding body. Recently, with the development of fusion protein technology, the research on the function of fusion enzyme has become a hot spot. Scientists believe that there is a need for the natural evolution of fusion proteins with linkers. In the process of building fusion enzymes, the introduction of linkers can avoid the interference of different domains in the process of protein folding and catalysis, so as to achieve the efficient expression of fusion enzyme.


Fusion enzyme, Peptide

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