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The techniques of artificial breeding and fry rearing of Murray cod (Macculochella peelii) in China

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DOI: 10.23977/fbb2020.036


Ziming Zhao, Meijian Liu, Sheng Yuan, Sunan Chen, Xianglong Zheng

Corresponding Author

Ziming Zhao


as a new breed of freshwater culture in China, Murray cod (Macculochella peelii) has attracted much attention. In order to improve the culture benefit, This Article is concentrated on the artificial breeding and fry rearing techniques of Murray cod, including the selection and culture of parent fish, artificial inducing, insemination, hatching, the feeding start time for the fry, food switching, domestication and fish seed culture. This is a reference for the majority of breeding workers.


Macculochella peelii, artificial inducing, insemination, fingerling culture

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