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Observation on the digestive system structure and histology of Murray cod (Macculochella peelii)

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DOI: 10.23977/fbb2020.037


Xiaojiang Chen, Meijian Liu, Sheng Yuan, Ziming Zhao

Corresponding Author

Ziming Zhao


Murray cod (Macculochella peelii) is the latest introduced variety in China, which is large in size and is an important carnivorous freshwater fish. To provide theoretical basis for comprehensive understanding of its biological characteristics. In this study, we dissected the living body and sliced the digestive system tissue to observe the esophagus, cardiac stomach, stomach body, pyloric stomach, pyloric caeca, duodenum, foregut, hindgut, common bile duct, gallbladder, hepatopancreas, etc. We found that the digestive tract was short, the intestinal villus was dense and bifurcated. The stomach is large and Y-shaped, and there are glands in both the cardia and the stomach body, but no gland in the pyloric stomach. There are 4-5 pyloric caeca, which are thick and short. The relative gut length is less than 1. The structure of digestive system shows the characteristics of adapting to its carnivorous habit.


Macculochella peelii, digestive system, histology

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