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Practices of Preventing Coal and Gas Outburst through Water Injection in Coal Seam with Low Gas Permeability

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DOI: 10.23977/msmee.2018.72108


Jufeng Zhang, Ruiyun Wang, Fengfeng Yang, Lan Yu, Rili Yang, Jianjiang Zhang, Zaiquan Miao

Corresponding Author

Jufeng Zhang


In order to prevent effectively coal and gas outburst accidents in the mining process of the 1302 working face in the Weijiadi coal mine, adhere to strictly the principle of regional anti-outburst measures and supplement the principle of partial anti-outburst measures, and under the premise of regional anti-surge measures implementation, coal water injection was put forward to eliminate coal seam risk., that is a partial anti-outburst measure. On the basis of analyzing the mechanism of water injection and outburst prevention in coal seams, a water injection scheme for coal seams was developed, which combines hydrostatic pressure water injection for long boreholes in two-shaft drilling and dynamic pressure water injection for short-hole drilled holes on the working face. According to the comparative analysis of the sensitive indicators of the prominent prediction before and after the water injection on the coal seam, the elimination effect was obtained. The results showed that after the coalbed water injection, the maximum predictive sensitivity index of drilling desorption index K1 value, the maximum cuttings amount Smax and the drilling desorption index ∆h2 maximum reduction were 50%, 30% and 20%, respectively, and achieved a good elimination effect.


Outburst coal seam, long borehole static pressure water injection, short borehole hydrodynamic pressure water injection, anti-outburst effect

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