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The Design of the Infrared Remote Control Switch

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DOI: 10.23977/msmee.2018.72117


Junli Wang

Corresponding Author

Junli Wang


The progress of human civilization and the development of science and technology have brought to us a lot of new products, and also the unlimited convenience to the life. Infrared remote control switch which have become common to us is the most extensive application of a remote control and communication means in our daily lives, such as the mobile infrared information transmission, the remote control of color TV, air conditioning, DVD, fans and other electrical appliances. It is with small size, low power consumption, strong function, low cost and is easy to control and use. Due to this, it bring to the society unlimited business chance. This paper presents a kind of infrared remote control switch design, using infrared remote control transmitter to launch control signals and the reception circuit to receive control signal through which the infrared information realize the corresponding control after amplification, and frequency demodulation. It has a simple circuit and understandable principles, and it is easy for electronic enthusiasts to make, and use in life.


Infrared remote, modulation, demodulation, NE555

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