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Method for Performance Measurement of SoS Flow Response Time and Information Interaction

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DOI: 10.23977/msmee.2018.72120


Hongjun Zhang, Zhengxian Wei, Min Song and Yang Ju

Corresponding Author

Min Song


System-of-systems (SoS) is an organic whole that consists of different subsystems with the SoS flow dynamically established in the course of integration. The performance of SoS flow is an essential factor that affects the completion of SoS tasks. First, this paper proposes a response time computation model of SoS flow based on timed Petri Net, as well as establishing the methods for calculating the minimum and maximum response times of the flow branch paths. Through the transition probability of flow branches, a method for computing the average response time of SoS flow is established. Second, a measurement method for the performance of SoS flow information interaction is proposed based on the characteristics and requirements of information interaction among subsystems, and in terms of the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of information interaction. These efforts will enable the accurate computation of SoS flow performance in terms of response time and information interaction performance, thus providing the analysis and evaluation of the overall performance and effectiveness of SoS.


System-of-systems, process, response time, information interaction, performance measurement

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