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The Application of Advanced Power Electronic Technology in Smart Grid

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DOI: 10.23977/msmee.2018.72139


Changhao Zhao

Corresponding Author

Changhao Zhao


With the rapid development of social economy, smart grid construction has received more and more attention. The use of advanced power electronics technology will continue to strengthen power grid technology, so as to better ensure the stability of power supply, further increase energy conservation and emission reduction technologies, and ensure the effective use of resources. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on strengthening research, and it is necessary to strengthen the use of advanced power electronics technology in power grids. This paper mainly analyzes the demand for power electronics technology in smart grids, and focuses on the analysis and research of advanced power electronics technologies in smart grids. The application of various advanced power electronic technologies in smart grids is analyzed in this paper.


Advanced power electronics, smart grid, application

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