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Influence of Natural Volcanic Ash on Shrinkage and Cracking of Concrete

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DOI: 10.23977/msmee.2018.72145


Jiliang Wang, Yongyan Yu

Corresponding Author

Jiliang Wang


Usage of natural volcanic ash as an active mineral admixture in concrete can compensate for the shortage of traditional volcanic materials. Natural volcanic ash has significant effects on concrete workability, strength, cracking and shrinkage. The results show that natural volcanic ash in concrete has potential of developing strength in the later stage. With the fineness of ash, the strength of concrete increased in the later period. Natural ash can improve workability of concrete, but the effect is between fly ash and granulated blast furnace slag. Natural volcanic ash can delay the appearance of cracks significantly, but it increases the average crack area and the total crack area per unit area. With the increase of the fineness of natural volcanic ash, shrinkage rate increases gradually, and the shrinkage rate was slightly larger than that of fly ash concrete.


Natural volcanic ash, workability, strength, cracking, shrinkage

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