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Study on Fragment Velocity Measurement Technology of Prefabricated Fragment Warhead

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DOI: 10.23977/msmee.2018.72150


Zhitong Yu and Dongmei Shi

Corresponding Author

Zhitong Yu


The prefabricated fragment warhead has been widely used in the military field at home and abroad in recent decades because of its characteristics such as regularity of fragment shape formation, good dispersion characteristics, and strong anti-destructive capability. Among them, the fragment velocity is an important indicator to measure its damage ability; fragment velocity measurement methods can be divided into contact velocity measurement method and non-contact velocity measurement method. This paper focuses on the analysis and comparison of the technical status, advantages and disadvantages of these two methods, and summarizes and forecasts the fragment velocity measurement methods of prefabricated fragment warheads.


Prefabricated fragment warhead, velocity measurement technique, contact velocity measurement, non-contact velocity measurement.

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