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Accurate Evaluation of Finite Laguerre Series

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DOI: 10.23977/acsat.2017.1025


He Keshan, Du Peibing, Jiang Hao, Zhao Xueci, Li Housen, Cheng Lizhi

Corresponding Author

Keshan He


A compensated algorithm is presented to evaluate finite Laguerre series. We record round-off error in Clenshaw algorithm by using error-free transformations (EFTs). In this work, we establish a valid error estimate that is as accurate as the Clenshaw scheme using twice the working precision. Numerical experiments illustrate that our compensated algorithm is more accurate than the Clenshaw algorithm and faster than the DDClenshaw algorithm (Clenshaw in double-double arithmetic).


Compensated Algorithm, Laguerre Series, Clenshaw, Floating-Point Arithmetic, Round-off Error

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