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Research on Control Strategy for DFIG Connected to DC-Microgrids

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DOI: 10.23977/msmee.2018.72154


Ji Peng, Zhao Deren, Xia Fei, Xia Zongze, Huang Xiaobo, Cong Peixian, Yang Zhixiong, Di Zhuo, Song Li

Corresponding Author

Ji Peng


Aiming to the voltage of the stator side is generated by the modulation of the SSC in the improved topology, especially under the circumstance with the asymm Teric fault of stator side, DFIG’s electromagn Teic torque, amplifies ripple of grid-connected power for the grid side. The novel control method suitable to stator side converter and rotor side converter based on reduced-order resonant controller (RORC) is proposed in this paper, DFIG’s torque and output power performance are improved. Under the RORC control conditions the transfer functions of stator current and torque control system are established, the amplitude characteristic and the system stability of RORC control are analyzed. The simulation results in Matlab/Simulink verify the correctness and validity of the proposed method.


DC-Microgrids, torque ripple, resonant controller, torque ripple, grid connected power, DFIG

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