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The Possibility and Acceptability of Indonesian Traditional Shipping as Feeder Services

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DOI: 10.23977/msmi.2018.82602


Akmal Lazuardy, Muhammad Helmi, Edy Haryanto

Corresponding Author

Akmal Lazuardy


A traditional particular marine transport service Pelra (Pelayaran Rakyat) exists in Indonesia. No definite size about this wooden vessel is available but averaging 500 gross tonnages and owned by lower economic community. It has limited payload, speed, as well as operating range. This paper exploits the feasibility and acceptability to use Pelra as feeder service in Indonesia to empower lower economic community and preserve this unique wooden vessel as national heritage. Using linear programming optimization, 3,854 traditional ships are required as national feeder service in Indonesia. The unit cost is $2.07 per tonnes and may be further reduced to $1.62 per tonnes if Pelra boat is able to reduce dwelling time and increase payload as well as the speed.


Fleet allocation, feeder services, optimization, Pelayaran Rakyat.

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