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Development of Piezoelectric as One of the alternatives for Marine Wave Energy in Indonesia

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DOI: 10.23977/msmi.2018.82606


Ede Mehta Wardhana, Meitha Soetardjo, Wisnu Wardhana, M. Badrus Zaman

Corresponding Author

Ede Mehta Wardhana


As one of the tools in the field of Energy Production, Piezoelectric is one of the most reliable and efficient system on the renewable energy. These systems holds many potential for reducing the consumption of oil and gas energy because the system will generate electricity from natural resources. For piezoelectric materials when pressed, the atomic structure inside the material will change, and thus cause the formation and spate of the dipole moment. This formation will produce changes especially in the voltage differences across piezoelectric materials. This process is called a direct piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric materials can be integrated into the system without difficulty. This is because the material will not have moving parts, so it will not require frequent maintenance. Furthermore, the material has the ability to convert the applied strain energy into electrical energy with direct motion and no addition. In addition, the material is also capable of producing power at a certain level of stress that can be easily conditioned and achieved. The piezoelectric material is usually modeled as a mass coupled to a silencer, spring and piezoelectric structure for operation especially when operating around the resonant frequency and thus will experience a linear motion. The objective of the study was to find out whether the application of Piezoelectric is suitable for Renewable Sea Energy in Indonesia using wave-to-wire modeling technique.


Electric energy, energy production, mechanical structure, piezeolectric, strain energy, wave to wire.

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