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Study on the Driving Force of Regional Land Use Change Based on GWR Model

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DOI: 10.23977/acsat.2017.1026


Cai Dong, Lin Man, Zhang Wei-lu

Corresponding Author

Dong Cai


The study of land use or cover change is a comprehensive analysis of the quantity,quality and spatial distribution of land use. It is one of the core topics of the current global change research. With the support of spatial statistics theory, we studied Menghe Town Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province . With GIS as a means, we considered driving factors of land use spatial pattern of differentiation in the regression model simulation of land use patterns. We established and implemented based on GWR’s simulation model of land use pattern. Then, we carry on the study on the driving force of regional land use change. It accurately reflected corresponding l- and cover types of the true distribution based on GWR method of logistic regression model .We also consider the spatial instability of driving factors, it is able to reflect the spatial variation characteristics of various driving factors on land use types.


Land Use Change, Driving Force, Geographical Weighted Regression.

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