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Fatigue behavior of carbon fiber reinforced composite with different stacking sequence

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2017.1001


Feng Yanpeng, Chen Li, Wang Chun, Sun Huabo, Tang Haijun

Corresponding Author

Feng Yanpeng


Carbon fibre reinforced composites (CFRC) were widely used in aerospace, civil aviation and construction industry. But fatigue behaviour and damage evolution of CFRC are difficulties to understand for their special structure characters. For this object, CFRC with T700 and EH104 resin were fabricated by different stacking sequence, then the CFRC samples were tested in axial tension and cycle loading with frequency of 10 Hz. Results shown that damage localization were entirely different. The (0/90)12 sample was more sensitivity for stress concentration, comparing with (±45)12 sample. And transverse cracking was formation in 0o layer, then evaluated to delamination with increasing cycles for (0/90)12 sample. But delamination propagation with transverse cracks during increasing cycles for (±45)12 sample. Fatigue behaviour and damage evolution of CFRC indicated that, the critical properties of interfacial strength between fibre and resin, and different layers, were determinant fact for CFRC.


Carbon fibre reinforced composites, Mechanical properties, Fatigue behaviour, damage evolution.

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