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Smart Manufacturing Concept in Shipbuilding Process with Related Optimization Issues and Strategies

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DOI: 10.23977/msmi.2018.82621


Alfonsus Julanto Endharta , Defi Norita, Ivan Kristianto Singgih, A. Aris Wacana Putra, Moses Laksono Singgih, Putri Dyah Setyorini, A. A. B. Dinariyana

Corresponding Author

Ivan Kristianto Singgih


Smart manufacturing is mainly dealing with the collection of real time data using sensors and the data utilization to improve a system. In this study, important characteristics of smart manufacturing, which must be considered in shipbuilding are presented. Shipbuilding process itself consists of various complex operations, starting from the ship design until the delivery to customers. However, this paper only focuses on the production and control activities for the shipbuilding product. Some required smart technologies, such as augmented reality, big data, and smart sensors, are listed. Various optimization problems in shipbuilding process that utilizes the collected data are defined. In addition, strategies related with smart manufacturing concept, which are required to solve problems are addressed. Relations between the optimization problems and strategies are described, and expected increase in the company’s productivity after the implementation of the smart manufacturing concept is discussed. In addition, suggestions for future researches are proposed.


Big Data, Real-Time, Optimization, Shipbuilding, Smart Manufacturing.

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