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Shipbuilding Product Development using War Room Marketing Analysis

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DOI: 10.23977/msmi.2018.82622


A. Aris Wacana Putra, Ivan Kristianto Singgih , Defi Norita, Putri Dyah Setyorini, A. A. B. Dinariyana

Corresponding Author

Ivan Kristianto Singgih


War room strategy is used to assess the effectiveness of marketing strategies in companies. In this study, important aspects of shipbuilding products from customer point of view are addressed. Moreover, a method to select marketing strategies, which are appropriate to improve the product aspects are proposed. During the development, the product’s competitiveness must be assured. Thus, the product’s aspects must be compared with its competitors and the comparison must be used as basis for improving the product’s aspects using the marketing strategies. A set of existing marketing strategies, their effects to improve each product aspect, and limited resources for the improvement are considered. Some mathematical models are proposed to select the best marketing and product development strategies. The models represent the product development problem from various points of view, which are shown by the difference in models’ objectives, constraints, and decision variables. The conformance of each model to deal with various situations is discussed.


Marketing Strategy, Mathematical Model, Product Development, Shipbuilding, War Room.

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