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A Study on Indonesia Shipbuilding Competitiveness Challenge and Opportunity

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DOI: 10.23977/msmi.2018.82627


Farich Firmansyah, Arta Nurkhalida, Raja Oloan Saut Gurning

Corresponding Author

Farich Firmansyah


This paper aims to review current condition of Indonesia shipbuilding industries, a study of brief picture about challenge and opportunity Indonesia shipbuilding industries to gain competitiveness against the others. At the first, characteristic of globalized shipbuilding industries will be discussed, with the main issues about the market, policy, shipbuilding growth and country shares etc. Since the Indonesia’s cabotage laws introduced in 2008, growth of Indonesia shipping fleet exceed expectation, but different condition happened to shipbuilding industries. Cabotage law still cannot encourage development of national shipbuilding industries, where the most of merchant vessel in Indonesia still imported or manufactured by foreign shipbuilding industries. With great potential of maritime, competitiveness of national shipbuilding industries still on questionable, though Indonesian government policy given more space to national shipbuilding industries to growth, the challenge now is how Indonesia shipbuilding industries to gain all benefit and improve their competitiveness. Strong support of the government and attention to shipbuilding industries is very dispensable in case. The key factor influences on competitiveness Indonesia shipbuilding industries also been discussed in this paper


Indonesia Shipbuilding Industries, Competitiveness, Characteristic, Cabotage Laws.

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