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Strategy to improve the competitiveness of National Indonesian Ship Building Industry Case study of PAL Shipyard

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DOI: 10.23977/msmi.2018.82628


Pratama Akbar, Raja Oloan Saut Gurning

Corresponding Author

Pratama Akbar


the history of maritime navigation and maritime commerce is related to the beginning of human civilization. The vessel is a kinds of transportation, based on the size (capacity also dimension) as good as characteristics of the technic and technology also the ocean as the delivery lane, is a transport for goods in extra quantities, bridging ports around the earth. A shipping manufacture was an economical also industry task which contains shipyard, boat distribution also vessel repair. Project Development was realized below a supervision from its Master Project or Manager Project. Stages at Development, realization also assurance at development project that taking location within the shipyard industry are define project life (cycle period). Work life could described with the timing in where an operation generates profit also makes expenses. Judging base on the industry's character, the shipping industry is defined as industrial strategy also had the effect for working layers at wide areas and encourages growth for its supporting industries. An importance of enhancing the strategy for the contribution of the National Shipping Ship Industry economically, it is necessary to increase the competitiveness so that the business or venture industry can grow in a long-term and sustainable manner. The competitiveness improvement indicator can be measured from Quality, Cost, Delivery Time, and Environmentally Friendly Safety Health for the life of the project. One of the most important aspects that affect the achievement of the improvement of competitiveness is the Mastery of Technology and Human Resources. This Journal paper is directed to efforts and improve competitiveness on Technology Mastery Strategy and Company Capacity Resource of Development in the Shipping Industry.


Indonesian Ship Building Industry, Marine Operation, PAL Shipyard Industries, Shipyards, Shipping, Shipyard Industry.

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