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A Review on Solar Landfills Development in China: Current Status, Policies and Recommendations

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DOI: 10.23977/TEE2021.001


Linghe Ye, Boyan Lu, Zixiao Lu, Zichen Shen, Minyan Wang and Yuanhao Wang

Corresponding Author

Minyan Wang


Landfilling is the most commonly used option for waste disposal in China but occupies massive land resources and solar landfills could be a win-win solution by installing PV systems on the closed landfills. This paper firstly summarized the current status of PV technologies and policies in China, followed by the analysis of advantages of solar landfills and recommendations for the development of solar landfills in China. Results indicate that the idea of solar landfills could be a good option for the PV industries and waste treatment, and both the technologies and policies could give a good platform for the development of solar landfills in China. Finally, reasons for the underdevelopment of solar landfills in China have been analysed and corresponding recommendations are given from the aspects of policy making, financial support and technical development.


Solar landfills, solar PV, land use, policies

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