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The Design of Border Security Protection for Master Station of Power User Electric Energy Data Acquisition System Based on Security Domain Division

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DOI: 10.23977/TEE2021.002


Wei Huang, Jun Zhao, Zhengmin He, Shidong Chen, Qi Qian, Jianfeng Liu, Yu Han and Qiang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhengmin He


With the rapid development of network and information communication technology, the pertinence, concealment and persistence of network attacks are obviously enhanced. The original security domain division and border protection measures of power user electric energy data acquisition system can't fully meet the current protection requirements. In this paper, the high-voltage user cost control and load control business functions are separated from the other business functions of acquisition system and employed in marketing production control domain to improve the security protection capability. In addition, the security access area for acquisition terminals access to the master station is set up. Based on the new security domain division, a border security protection scheme for the master station of acquisition system by comprehensive utilization of various security protection measures and devices is designed. This scheme can comprehensively improve the protection capability of the acquisition system and have certain reference significance for the further planning and construction of the border security protection for the master station of power user electric energy data acquisition system in the later stage.


Power user electric energy data acquisition system, security domain, border security protection

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