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Research on the Countermeasures of Transport Development under the New Development Pattern of "Dual Circulation" in China

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DOI: 10.23977/TEE2021.006


Yi Zhang, Ran Zhou and Xin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xin Zhang


As a basic, leading, strategic and important service industry in the national economy, transport connects production and consumption, is the basic link and important support for the construction of modern circulation system and smooth national economic cycle, and plays an important role in the construction of new development pattern. The new development pattern of ""Dual Circulation"" has given new requirements and new tasks to the transport industry. Transport industry needs to grasp the important strategic opportunity, insists on high quality requirements, overall promotes integrated development of transport infrastructure, logistics, science and technology, governance, international cooperation, and dredges aorta and unclogs microcirculation, strives to become a solid support for the coordinated development of the modern industry system, the important link of internal and external economic cycle promotes, the cornerstone of the guarantee of industrial and supply chain security and stability, in order to help build a solid national economic cycle chassis and provide support for accelerating the formation of a new development pattern.


Dual circulation, new development pattern, transport development, countermeasures and suggestions

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