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The Performance Comparison of Different Suppression Reverse-peak Circuits for Electromagnetic Relay

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DOI: 10.23977/TEE2021.012


Shuo Zhang, Kui Deng, Lan Yue and Jijun Wu

Corresponding Author

Shuo Zhang


Electromagnetic relay is one of the major elements of national defense and aerospace electronic systems, its proper use has a very important significance[1]. The relay coils will generate a reverse peak voltage of a kilovolt when the relay control signal disappears, which will cause damage to other connected paths. In the past, the analysis method of the reverse peaks voltage of the electromagnetic relay and its suppression circuit was mostly based on test method without a theoretical model[2] and there is almost no research to analyze the reverse peak voltage from the physics viewpoint. Therefore, this paper would analyze the causes of reverse peak voltage based on the physics theory, then establish the mathematical model of the principle of reverse peak voltage generation of the relay and various transient suppress. After that use Matlab to get the response from those circuits of various conditions. It provides a theoretical reference for selecting a suitable eliminates reverse peak voltage circuit.


Electromagnetic relay, reverse-peak, voltage transient suppress, mathematical model

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