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Experimental Study on the Hydrodynamics and Condensation Heat Transfer Characteristics of Wet Flue Gas in a Horizontal Smooth Tube

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DOI: 10.23977/TEE2021.013


Shuo Kong, Zhen Xu

Corresponding Author

Zhen Xu


The flow and heat transfer characteristics of wet air inside a horizontal smooth tube was studied experimentally. A horizontal annular heat exchanger was used in the experimental, with the wet air Reynolds number ranging from 5000 to 13,000 and inlet specific humidity ranging from 0.05 to 0.2 kg/kg. The effects of the surface subcooling, the wet air flow rate and the inlet specific humidity on the condensation heat transfer coefficient (HTC) were investigated. The results show that the condensation heat transfer coefficient (HTC) decreases with the increasing of surface subcooling, while increases with the increasing of the wet air flowrate and inlet specific humidity. A correlation of wet air heat transfer coefficient along horizontal smooth tube had been developed. The correlation showed a good agreement with experimental results.


Flue gas, wet air, condensation, horizontal tube

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