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Effect of Surface Micro-textures on the Bonding Strength of PTFE Liner

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DOI: 10.23977/TEE2021.016


Rui Peng, Peiyun Zhang, Yalin Chen, Yihang Zhu, Xiaobin Cao and Xijun Hua

Corresponding Author

Rui Peng


To improve the bonding performance and service life of PTFE liner and substrate, laser micro-textures technology was applied to the micro-modeling treatment of substrate surface to explore the influence of micro-textures density on the bonding performance of PTFE liner. Substrate-liner geometric models were established by finite element software, and the damage of adhesive layer, the tensile stress of liner, load-displacement relationship, and maximum peeling force of liner were obtained by numerical simulation. Textured substrates were prepared by Nd: YAG laser and the bonding performance was tested by a universal tensile testing machine to verify simulation results. The results of numerical simulation showed, when SDEG=0.85, The maximum peeling force increased with the increase of textures density, and the maximum peel force was 33N when the density was 34.7%. The performance test results showed a similar trend to the simulation results, in which the peeling force of the 40% density surface liner was increased by 46.15% compared with the smooth one, thus supporting the simulation results. This shows that the surface laser micro-textures has a significant impact on the bonding strength of the liner. The peeling force of PTFE liner increases with the increase of textures density, and the higher density, the better bonding performance between substrate and liner.


Micro-textures, PTFE liner, bonding strength, numerical simulation, tensile test

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