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Defects and System Construction in Reimbursement of Scientific Research Funds

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DOI: 10.23977/TEE2021.018


Dongyue Wei

Corresponding Author

Dongyue Wei


Scientific research funds are the material basis of scientific research activities. Timely and convenient reimbursement of funds is to ensure the normal development of scientific research activities. Therefore, the free use of scientific research funds reimbursement is the necessary content of scientific research freedom. At present, there are some defects in the process of reimbursement of scientific research funds in China, such as controversial nature, ignoring the reality, and incorrect rights and obligations of scientific researchers. The author thinks that the scientific research contract has the dual attributes of public and private, and the state should intervene appropriately in the way of the rule of law, at the same time, establish financial personnel to assist in the reimbursement of scientific research funds, reimbursement process, and establish credit exercise measures to improve it.


Scientific research funds, reimbursement of funds

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