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The Importance of Maritime English Proficiency in Others Marine Related Undergraduate Programs

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DOI: 10.23977/msmi.2018.82633


Tan Chiew Sia, Mohd Hafizi Said

Corresponding Author

Tan Chiew Sia


Maritime English proficiency standard is mandatorily used by all maritime based professionals and become an important tool to ensure safety where it is not only at sea but including shore, port and any maritime based industry. This study sought to determine the level of Maritime English proficiency among the other marine related undergraduate programs in University Malaysia Terengganu. Maritime English subject is a core subject for Nautical Science and Maritime Management Programme but not for other marine related undergraduate programs such as Maritime Technology, Maritime Informatics Technology, Marine Biology, Science Marine and Science Fisheries at University of Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). The importance for students to have sufficient proficiency in Maritime English as it’s useful for them to use the accurate Maritime English terminology for journal and thesis writing and to practice correct communication and pronunciation of Maritime English. Data were obtained by conducting a series of interview with 90 students from Marine Science, Maritime Technology and Maritime Informatics Technology programme. The thematic content analysis was used to analyse data during interview session. Based on the findings, 46.1 % of Maritime Technology students were considered achieved the level of proficiency in using maritime English terminologies. These results have shown that the important of offering Maritime English Subject to other marine related program


Maritime English, Maritime Education and Training, Framework for Maritime English Proficiency, Undergraduate Program.

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