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Research on Reform Ideas of Basic Medical Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Modern Information Technology

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021021



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With the development of China's market economy, the reform of personnel system and the change of social demand, the health vocational education in higher vocational colleges must actively adapt to the market demand. Curriculum directly reflects the teaching level of the school and directly affects the quality of personnel training. Information technology is widely used in all aspects of teaching reform. All kinds of application methods run through the teaching practice, application and vocational skills training. Higher vocational education should shoulder the important task of training medical practical talents needed by the grassroots. Through in-depth investigation and research, we make a conclusion that the teaching system should be reformed, while basic medicine needs more attention. The traditional manual management mode has not kept pace with the development of the information age. Based on the application of information technology in the teaching reform in higher vocational colleges, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the application of information technology in basic medicine in higher vocational colleges, and puts forward corresponding improvement ideas.


Teaching reform, Modern information technology, Basic medicine, Personnel training

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