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Research on Teacher Evaluation Mechanism of Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021025


Yalun Qin

Corresponding Author

Yalun Qin


With the continuous development of higher vocational colleges, their academic standards and the faculty have received more attention in recent years. The evaluation mechanism for teachers determines the academic standards in higher vocational colleges and plays an important role in the development of higher vocational colleges. However, analyzing the current teacher evaluation mechanism, we can find that there are many problems which determine whether the evaluation is scientific and comprehensive or not. And these problems are not conducive to the sound development of higher vocational colleges. Therefore, higher vocational colleges need to carry out scientific and reasonable teacher evaluation mechanism, formulate effective solutions according to the existing problems, promote the innovation of evaluation mechanism, constantly optimize the teaching team, and improve comprehensive quality, so as to help improve academic standards in higher vocational colleges.


Higher vocational colleges, Teacher evaluation mechanism, Innovation

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