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A Study on the Integration of “Ideological and Political Theories Teaching” and “Ideological and Political Courses” in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021034


Fenghua Tang

Corresponding Author

Fenghua Tang


At present, China’s higher education development has many opportunities, but it also faces more complex international situation and more important historical responsibility. In language teaching, the introduction of international, historical, cultural and other related knowledge will help students to correctly understand China’s national conditions, history and characteristics. “Ideological and Political Theories Teaching” is a brand-new teaching concept, but it is not a specific teaching course. It emphasizes that colleges and universities need to continuously improve students’ ideological and moral quality when carrying out teaching courses, thus making the courses have the functions of teaching and educating. This paper expounds the specific content of “ideological and political theories teaching”, analyses the practical significance of integrating “ideological and political theories teaching” into English teaching, and makes a specific study on the integration approach of “ideological and political theories teaching” and English teaching.


College english, “ideological and political theories teaching”, “ideological and political course”, Integration

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