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The Importance and Approaches of Ideological and Political Education in College Students' Management

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021042


Zhuqing Yu

Corresponding Author

Zhuqing Yu


Under the new situation, how to strengthen and improve the ideological and political education and management of college students and form brand-new effective ways and methods is a major topic that college ideological and political education staff must face, and it is also an urgent task. In order to improve the quality of talents and meet the development requirements of modern society, ideological and political education methods must be combined with the management of college students to correct students' bad behavior and promote the progress of student management. Based on this idea, this paper combines ideological and political education with student management, deeply analyzes the importance and necessity of strengthening the ideological and political education of college students in the current era, explores the misunderstandings and deficiencies in the student management of colleges and universities, and studies the importance and ways of ideological and political education in the student management of colleges and universities, in the hope of providing reference for the student management of colleges and universities.


Ideological and political education in colleges and universities, Student management, Importance, Methods

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