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Diversified Integration of Ideological and Political Education for College Students Based on New Media

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021043


Zerong Xu

Corresponding Author

Zerong Xu


With the continuous development of the society and the arrival of the Internet information era, new media has become universal, convenient, interactive and timely in the life of college students. It is the main way for college students to understand the society and communicate with the society. As a special group, college students have a high scientific and cultural level, and can quickly receive new things from the outside world. The new media provides diversified and humanized new methods for the current teaching mode, replacing the disadvantages in the traditional teaching mode. The era of new media has brought many challenges to ideological and political education in colleges and universities. The limitations of monotonous teaching mode have become increasingly obvious. The diversity of students' thoughts has also increased the difficulty of education. At the same time, the shortcomings of Ideological and political education workers' own are also reflected. This paper expounds the influence of the new media era on the ideological and political education of college students, and analyzes how to make full use of the new media technology in the ideological and political education.


New media, Ideological and political education, Diversification

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