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Research on Current Development of Tiktok Official Platform in Ideological and Political Education in Guangxi's Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021047



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With the development of information technology, network ideological and political education plays an important role in supporting the construction of national mainstream ideology and the establishment of correct values for students. In Tiktok's new media platform, the application is a multimedia activity. It has two characteristics. One is the prototype of interactive community, which forms a large social circle through short video interaction. The other is that users have original characteristics and a steady stream of new content. It is the two characteristics that make Tiktok different from other social media. The official platform of Guangxi's universities is the initial stage of operation. The operation rules of the Tiktok are not fully graspable, so the strategy is not accurate, and the campus culture can not be well disseminated.


Colleges and universities, Tiktok network, Tiktok platform

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