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Exploration on Comprehensive Chemistry Teaching Experiment Converted by the Scientific Research Experiment

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021049


Xiao LIU, Xiaoyan Yang, Jiaxing Ma, Yinhui Wang, Qingbing Li

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyan Yang


This work investigated the design and conversion from scientific research experiment preparation and application of ZnO and Ce-ZnO micro-nano materials to a research-based comprehensive chemistry experiment for senior undergraduates. The ZnO micro-nano material in the hexagonal, plate like, and rod shapes was prepared by high-temperature calcination, direct precipitation, and hydrothermal synthesis, and analyzed their photodegradation of methyl orange. Through the study and optimization of all the steps of the experiment, the best experiment conditions, the most effective handling methods, and the appropriate reaction time were obtained. The experiment could satisfy the requirements of stability and reproducibility in teaching experiments. Through this comprehensive experiment, the students could consolidate the principle of ZnO micro-nano material, understand and grasp the working principle and operation skill of the vis spectrophotometer, muffle, reaction kettle, x-ray powder diffraction, and field-emission scanning electron microscopy, and develop their comprehensive ability including the related chemical basic knowledge, experimental operation, instrument analysis and relevant scientific literacy and research ability.


Comprehensive chemistry experiment, ZnO, Ce doping, Scientific experiments

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