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Research on the Application of e-Portfolio Assessment on Educational Internship

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021051


Bing LI

Corresponding Author

Bing LI


This study applies the electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) to the educational internship of normal university English majors. The 120 participants were from senior English majors of the School of Foreign Studies, at Huzhou University, Zhejiang, China. They attended the 6-credit 12-week compulsory teaching practice in different junior middle schools in Huzhou. The study adopts a questionnaire consisted of three parts: 14 Likert Scale questions, a multiple-choice question, and an open answer question. The 14 Likert Scale questions with five degrees points from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) are designed to evaluate students' degree of satisfaction about the teaching practice, which was divided into the following four dimensions: teaching ability, other abilities, instructor guidance, the effect of portfolio evaluation and the general effect of the practice. Through the analysis of the data from the questionnaire, it can be seen that the educational internship using e-portfolio assessment has achieved a good result in many aspects such as teaching ability, cooperative ability, autonomous learning consciousness, lesson planning and so on and students are satisfied with the experience of internship using e-portfolio as the assessment method. However, the study also reveals that students are still not confident with their research ability and the guidance from their university instructors is not as satisfied as that from the internship schools’ instructors.


Electronic portfolio, E-portfolio, Educational internship, Internship, Teaching practice

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