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Research-Based Teaching Mode of English Linguistics Guided by Cultivating Innovative Ability

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021056


Yinxia Liang

Corresponding Author

Yinxia Liang


The main teaching purpose of the research teaching method is to enable students to understand all aspects of linguistics systematically and comprehensively through the study of this course. The cultivation of English language ability is to give a full play to the initiative and enthusiasm of students in the process of student-centered English teaching. The traditional teaching method is usually classroom theory. The obscure teaching contents and single boring teaching method make students not only lack a deep understanding of linguistic theory but also interest in learning. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the concept of research-based teaching into the teaching of this theoretical course to stimulate students' interest in linguistic study and research and cultivate students' innovative ability.


Innovation ability, English linguistics, Research teaching

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