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Application of Situational Teaching Method in Oral Tourism English Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021068



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Situational teaching method is a kind of teaching method that can simulate real life situations and stimulate learning interest with real situations. It is a new teaching method in the education field and is widely used in teaching of various subjects. In recent years, China's tourism industry has developed rapidly, especially in the international market. In order to meet its needs, many higher vocational colleges set up tourism English major. The practicality of tourism English puts forward higher requirements on the students' actual communicative ability and practical ability to use English. Tourism English is a professional foreign language with strong practicality. In the process of teaching, it is necessary to input some situations that students will encounter in their practical work, so it is very important to combine theory with practice. This paper analyzes the advantages of situational teaching method, then discusses the characteristics of tourism oral English teaching in higher vocational colleges, and finally puts forward the specific application of situational teaching method in tourism oral English teaching in higher vocational colleges.


Situational teaching method, Tourism english

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