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Exploration on Developing and Strengthening Ways of Physical Fitness Training for Police School Students

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021073


Guanghui Li

Corresponding Author

Guanghui Li


As the main source of the police force, the police academy has formulated scientific and reasonable physical training methods, which can enable the police academy students to quickly adapt to police work and various environments such as resisting arrest of criminals, continuous and long-term operations, overload and fatigue operations, and improve the police academy students' ability to crack down on various illegal and criminal activities. For police school students, it is particularly important to strengthen physical training, which is also the basic quality of the police. Physical fitness training in police academies is related to the police's physical quality, adaptability and athletic ability, and even to tactics and skills, which determine their survival in combat. Therefore, physical fitness training is of great significance in police academies. Based on the basic theoretical concepts and training contents of physical fitness training in schools, this paper makes an in-depth analysis on how to effectively carry out and further strengthen the physical fitness training paths of students in police colleges, which provides a useful reference for training application-oriented police professionals and formulating targeted physical fitness training strategies in the new era.


Police school students, Physical training, Strengthening approach

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