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Research on Teaching Mode Reform of Yoga Course in Colleges and Universities Based on Ecological P.e Classroom

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021074


Jie YANG, Jixue Yuan

Corresponding Author



Yoga teaching is not only influenced by the external environment such as venues, surroundings and teaching staff, but also by the internal influence of teaching mode. It requires that physical education in Colleges and universities should not only improve students' physical and mental health and physical quality, but also spread and inherit all kinds of scientific and technological knowledge including sports and cultural knowledge, so as to cultivate students' good moral quality and will quality. However, under the influence of traditional teaching methods and teaching modes of yoga courses in China's colleges and universities, there are many problems in the development of yoga courses, such as outdated and unreasonable teaching modes. This paper mainly analyzes and studies the current situation of “ecological sports class” and yoga courses in colleges and universities, and then provides application measures for carrying out yoga courses in colleges and universities in the future to better optimize the “ecological sports class” in colleges and universities.


Ecological sports class, Yoga courses, Teaching reform

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