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Research on the Selection and Training Mode of Youth Football Reserve Talents in Sichuan Province, China

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DOI: 10.23977/ELEPS2021075


Shigang Xu

Corresponding Author

Shigang Xu


Football reserve talents are the driving force in the future of China's football and the practitioners to improve the strength of China's football. Football reserve talents are a prerequisite for the forward development of a country's football. Since the professionalization of Chinese football, the reform of Chinese football has profound significance for the professionalization of Chinese sports. With the gradual establishment of the socialist market economy system in China, competitive sports have spread to the direction of diversification and marketization. The old training mode of reserve talents for competitive sports has exposed its inherent defects in the modern society. Football reserve talents determine the development of football in China, and reserve talents are the foundation of national football. Therefore, we must focus on developing youth football and training a large number of excellent reserve talents. This paper takes Sichuan Province as an example to explore the selection and training mode of youth reserve talents in China.


Football, Reserve talents, Training mode

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