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The Implementation of Marine Cadastre in Indonesia (Case Study : Maratua Island, East Kalimantan)

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DOI: 10.23977/msmi.2018.82641


Resti Yully Astuti, Yanto Budisusanto, Danar Guruh Pratomo

Corresponding Author

Resti Yully Astuti


Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagic countries in the world which has more than 17,000 islands. Approximately 2.9 million km2 of waters covers the country. An authority to regulate the marine area is required in order to manage it. However, the policy and the institutional framework to govern the utilization of the marine space are still complicated. Legal and technical aspects need to be examined for utilizing it. The Zoning Plan which determines the direction of the marine resource utilization accompanied by the spatial structures establishment and the pattern of activities in the planning area should be consider before the government issues the permit for utilization. The purpose of this research is to analyse the suitability of Coastal Areas and Small Islands Zoning Plans (RZWP3K) against current marine space utilization on Maratua Island which is one of the outermost small islands enclosed in Indonesian’s Law No. 1 of 2014 on Management of Coastal Areas and Small Islands. This constitution includes the management of marine parcel as a part of the marine cadastre implementation. The research investigates the marine space utilization, and analyses the suitability between the zoning plan and the existing condition. The research also compiles the marine parcel based on the zoning plan data using a Geographic Information System. Based on this research, there are 7 zoning plan of marine space utilization, 9 sub zones and 6 existing areas of Floating Net Cages (FNC) in Maratua Island. There are 3 areas of FNC that overlap with sub-zones of ecotourism and ecosystem protection. The FNC area which does not affirm with the zoning plan is 27% of the total FNC area. The regulation for the maximum area of marine parcel in FNC sub-zone plan is 50,000 m2 therefore 600 marine parcels are arranged in this area.


Floating Net Cages, Maratua, Marine Cadastre, Marine Space, Zoning Plan.

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