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Research on Effective Approaches and Methods of Language Education in Preschools

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2021006


Aixia Dong

Corresponding Author

Aixia Dong


In recent years, with the implementation of educational reform measures such as the new curriculum reform, preschool education has become the focus of attention at this stage. Since preschool education is not only the foundation of children for future life, but also the education foundation in the language field, language education in preschools is not only the foundation of preschool educational activities, but also the foundation of carrying out language education. Therefore, exploring effective approaches and methods for language education in preschools has become the key of preschool education. Based on the above analysis, the research on effective approaches and methods of language education in preschools has been conducted in this paper.


Preschool, Language education, Education approach

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