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Research on Strategies of Role Conversion of Foreign Language Teachers in the Practice of College Foreign Language Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2021016


Danting Sui

Corresponding Author

Danting Sui


At this stage, with the continuous improvement of my country's socioeconomic level and the opening of my country's international market, more and more international friends have come to China, which has also increased the importance of our foreign language education. The major universities in our country are in an all-round development stage. In order to enable students to master more foreign language knowledge, teachers have gradually adopted a layered teaching method in practical teaching, and the roles of foreign language teachers in teaching have also been exchanged , But it is necessary for teachers to grasp the role change, so that students can really shift their attention to classroom teaching and improve their foreign language ability. Therefore, this article analyzes the research of foreign language teachers' role conversion strategies in the practice of foreign language teaching in universities, which can effectively improve the quality of teachers' teaching, but also help students improve their comprehensive foreign language ability.


College foreign languages, Hierarchical teaching, Foreign language teachers, Role switching

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