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Innovation and Practice of College English Course in Applied Art Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2021018


Hong LI

Corresponding Author

Hong LI


Higher education in the new era puts forward higher requirements for personnel training. In the process of personnel training, application-oriented undergraduate colleges should train compound talents with high comprehensive quality and strong application ability to serve social and economic development. The transformation of local universities to application-oriented has promoted the reform of college English curriculum system. Only according to its own characteristics, keeping up with the pulse of the times and making necessary innovations in curriculum setting can art majors in emerging colleges make great breakthroughs. How to implement English Teaching in art colleges is a new topic for English teachers. According to the orientation and training objectives of College English course in Application-oriented art universities, this paper puts forward some suggestions on the integration of English Teaching for art majors, so as to adapt to the development of industry and regional economy and society, and meet the needs of application-oriented talents training and learners' personalized learning.


Art major, Applied talents, English course

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