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Reform of Fine Arts Education and Development of Curriculum Resources Based on National Culture

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2021019


Xingwang Li

Corresponding Author

Xingwang Li


The education of Chinese national fine arts bears the tradition of inheriting the national history and cultural spirit and faces many challenges in the artistic thinking in the new era. Art education is a kind of social activity that relies on art culture knowledge to cultivate people. It is a necessary means to spread and inherit art culture knowledge and a form of cultural existence. In order to speed up the modernization process of our country, inherit, improve, carry forward and develop the cultural and artistic essence of all ethnic groups in China, art education has become one of the indispensable basic work for training trans-century talents. To some extent, each ethnic region retains its own regional characteristics of its own culture. The culture of each ethnic group is often the concentrated embodiment of the character, emotion, morality, aesthetic point of view, artistic interest and living habits of each ethnic group. The development of national culture as an art curriculum resource has rich cultural sense, profound cultural connotation, diverse creative techniques, wide application range, strong operability, strong local and national characteristics.


National culture, Art education, Curriculum resources

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