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Exploration on Integrating the Education of Party History into the Teaching of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2021024


Richen Gao

Corresponding Author

Richen Gao


Under the research background that party history education is an important content of college students' ideological and political education, it plays a very important role in improving college students' ideological and political quality. The use of classroom teaching to carry out a comprehensive and systematic education of the party history of students has indeed brought great difficulties. The method used in this article is to investigate a financial school by means of questionnaires and sample surveys. This is manifested in the school’s lack of a comprehensive deployment of party history education and the planning of specific goals for party history education activities in various functional departments of the school. The purpose of this article is to enable students to correctly understand the history of the party, strengthen their political convictions, and recognize the mainstream and main line. The results of the study show that although there is no special CCP history course in the current ideological and political theory courses, all kinds of colleges and universities should combine the reality inside and outside the school to focus on infiltrating the party history education in the relevant courses.


College ideological and political theory course, Party history education system, Construction, Party history education

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