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Application of Comparative Teaching Method in Piano Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2021025



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With the deepening of educational reform in colleges and universities, many piano teachers in colleges and universities began to reflect on the traditional piano teaching mode, and gradually adopted new comparative teaching methods in practical teaching. People who play the piano should not only master the playing skills skillfully, but also understand the feelings in the music score, and express these feelings in the playing process. Integrating comparative teaching method into piano teaching in colleges and universities can stimulate college students' interest in learning and improve their learning effect. There are many comparable factors in Piano Teaching in Colleges and universities. As long as we deeply study, fully excavate and scientifically apply the comparative teaching method, we can better improve the analysis and identification ability of college students. The integration of comparative teaching method into piano teaching in Colleges and universities can cultivate students' logical thinking ability, improve their learning ability and develop their intelligence. Combining with the basic elements of comparative teaching method, this paper expounds its important role in Piano Teaching in Colleges and universities.


Education reform, Comparative teaching method, Piano teaching

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