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Collaborative Innovation of Party Construction and Ideological and Political Education of Students

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2021026


Qiang QIU

Corresponding Author

Qiang QIU


Party members in colleges and universities are the main force of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Only by strengthening party building in universities and training better party members can we ensure better socialist development. In recent years, the party building work of college students has been very smooth, but there are also problems that cannot be ignored. This article conducts an in-depth study on the new problems and new situations of college student party construction projects, and explores some new countermeasures, which provides theoretical support for the new methods and trends of college student party construction projects. The full text is mainly based on the questionnaire survey of university party building and students' ideological and educational work, analyzes the spirit introduction of the new era and the requirements of university party building, closely combines the characteristics of party building in the new era, and compares the results of university party building with the defects of party building the study. Through the investigation and practice of various colleges and universities, to understand the general situation of college students' party construction, combined with the problems of students' ideological and political education, put forward the research countermeasures of college students' party construction in the new era.


College party building, Student ideological political education, Collaborative innovation, Questionnaire survey

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