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Evaluation of a Full Online Course under Covid-19 Pandemic

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2021032


Bing LI, Miaomiao Peng

Corresponding Author

Miaomiao Peng


The aim of this study is to build the model of full online teaching in the response to the policy of “Suspended Class, Ongoing Learning” under the background of COVID-19 pandemic and to evaluate the model with the case study of the full online English listening comprehension course for Chinese undergraduate English majors. The survey adopted Likert Scale questions with five degrees to evaluate students' satisfaction with the online course which is divided into the following four dimensions: teaching delivery, learning environment, administrative issues and learning effect. Each dimension is composed of several sub-dimensions. The descriptive statistical method is mainly used to analyze the basic status and overall characteristics of students' satisfaction with the online course and the mean values and standard deviations were calculated. The multivariate linear regression analysis is mainly used to explore the factors influencing students' satisfaction with online course and to further explore the influence of these factors on the overall satisfaction of course. The quantitative analysis shows that overall students were satisfied with the efficacy of online learning and all factors designed in the questionnaire have a significant impact on the four dimensions respectively. However, the quantitative analysis together with the multiple choice question and the open-answer question also show that compared with the face-to-face learning, online learning have certain deficiencies such as in interactive effect; therefore, it still played the complementary role and could not completely replace the traditional classroom. Full online teaching practice is feasible, but considering its limitations, “online-merge-offline” hybrid teaching mode is recommended in the future after COVID-19 pandemic.


Online course, Tencent classroom, “suspended class, Ongoing learning”

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